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How to Ride a Balance Bike - 10 steps

Sep. 27, 2019

Kindergarten children are also learning to ride a balance bike!

How to Ride a Balance Bike - 10 steps

Let's see how to help a toddler to ride a balance bike.

STEP 1, Fit your child with a helmet and tell him or her the important of safety.

STEP 2, Show and explain every part of the bike and its function.

STEP 3, Ajust the saddle height as the kids' height.

STEP 4, Lean the bike toward your child and swing their leg over the top.

STEP 5, Hold the handlebars to stabilize the bike as your child leans back to sit on the seat. Then, have them grasp the handlebars. [3]

STEP 6, Walk while sitting on the bike.

STEP 7, Use one foot to push off from a stationary position. 

STEP 8, Alternate using both feet to continue pushing the bike forward. 

STEP 9, Hold both legs off the ground and glide forward.

STEP 10, Slow down and come to a complete stop. If there is brake on the bike,tell them how to use the brake,or show them how to decrease the number of steps they take to slow to a stop. 

Your kids will get more fun from a bike!

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How to Ride a Balance Bike - 10 steps