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How to Choose A Baby Ride-on Battery Car

Jun. 04, 2019

How to Choose A Baby Ride-on Battery Car

It's a hard work for a child to let an adult hold him when he's a few years old. If he has a car of his own, let him go by himself, it would be great. In this way, he can "drive" when he goes out to play, and he is not very tired. Wouldn't it be better to choose an electric car for his children? So, what kind of electric car is the most suitable for children?

Body material

When choosing electric vehicles for your children, you should choose materials with national quality certification, which are not bulky, easy to move, odorless and safe, so as to protect children's health more effectively. The comfort of the car seat when selecting, after all, it and the child's small buttocks close contact, let him feel very comfortable.

Quality and Manufacture of Vehicles

The quality of all parts of children's electric vehicles should be strictly required to see whether they are soldered firmly, whether the accessories are fixed, whether they are easy to fall off, so that children can play happily while parents are more assured. And the welding between frames should not appear sharp corners or edges, in order to prevent scratching children. The distance between the seat and the pedal should also be suitable for the child's leg length.


When choosing children's electric cars, handlebars should also be our choice. Handlebars should have anti-skid function, strong, easy to grasp the direction of operation, and handlebars should not be too large, the design is more in line with the size of children's small hands, but also increase the children's hand-eye coordination and response ability.

Safety belt

Good quality electric cars should also be equipped with seat belts, electric cars should be equipped with seat belts, when children play accident, can protect children from too much harm, more multi-dimensional protection of children's safety.

Simple operation

Children should choose the kind of electric car which is easy to operate. It is easier for children to master, so that children can easily learn to drive an electric car, and bring fun to children when driving and playing.

Wheel thickness

Wheel thickness should be 8-15 cm and width should be 20-25 cm. In this way, the tire is thicker, if there is an anti-skid ring in the tire, it can achieve the anti-skid effect, which can help to avoid the harm brought by children in the first school.