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Why Balance Is Important For Children

Sep. 23, 2019

Balance ability, not only refers to whether the child can walk steadily, it also contains a lot of things we usually do not understand and pay attention to. Studies have found that dysplasia of sense of balance can lead to children's standing, sitting, falling, holding things unstable, walking against the wall, irritability, restlessness, eyes can not focus on the target, poor interpersonal relationships, aggressiveness, and even because of brain dysfunction, affecting the development of language ability and left brain organization. Logical ability, etc. So balance ability is a whole ability, and its development is the basis of other sensory development. The cultivation of balance ability is very important, even a lifelong thing, and 2-3 years old is the key period to cultivate balance ability.

Why Balance Is Important For Children

Why Balance Is Important For Children

1. The Importance of Body Balance

Two-year-olds seem to have only one goal in life: they want to stand up and move around. This can only be achieved if the baby's sense of balance is constantly trained. In fact, a few months after the birth of the baby, you can see the first result of the balance training: the baby has been able to control their own brain.

When he lifts his head, his sense of balance senses a change in posture and transmits this message to his brain. In this process, multiple senses are involved: vision, touch and hearing. In fact, it is the sense of balance that combines the other five senses. Without a sense of balance, we humans can't walk upright yet. Balance sense plays an extremely important role in the development of children's sports ability.

2. Exercise Balance Ability of Babies with Toys

The development of baby's movement is controlled by brain and nerve center, nerve and muscle. The improvement of baby's movement ability, such as balance and coordination ability, can promote the development of brain in turn. All kinds of overlapping toys, rope-threading toys, building blocks, plastic building, etc. are helpful to exercise children's small muscle movements and finger flexibility, accuracy, attention and observation. When playing, adults should talk while playing, teach children to understand the relationship between things, and teach them to cooperate with adults. After playing with adults, tidy up the toys, which not only exercises the baby's practical ability, but also cultivates the baby's social adaptability, and form good habits from childhood.

3. Balance car starts to exercise children's balance ability from the age of 2.